Winters Beauty by John Bye

Winters Beauty by John Dye

Silently crossing the freshly fallen snow of a pristine winter landscape, this white-tailed deer is suddenly alert to the muted sound of an unknown presence moving nearby in the blanketed and hushed forest. Like "Catch of the Day," it’s hard to imagine that Winters Beauty is a painting and not a photograph, but that is the magic of John Bye’s art!

"One of my daughter’s teachers had taken a look at my web site and her words were 'they are like high definition images'. This is what was always said when people saw my originals at shows. I did a bird of prey painting once and put it in a large black frame. Once displayed, people were amazed to find that it wasn’t a television screen but actually a painted static image. So I like to call what I do HD Art, High Definition Art.”

Released February 2013.
giclee canvas, 20 s/n
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Dimensions: 26" x 39"
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giclee canvas, 45 s/n
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Dimensions: 18" x 27"
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