Alameda Bound by William Phillips

In regards to the famous Doolittle raid, twenty-two planes made it through the training undamaged. Those crews and planes (B-25b) departed for their west coast rendezvous with the USS Hornet in late March.
The Raiders flew their aircraft to McClellan Army Air Field in Sacramento then onto Alameda NAS. These days in California gave the pilots the last chance to hone their low-level flying skills as their aircraft underwent a final round of maintenance. No self-respecting pilot would give up the chance to buzz this West Coast icon if the opportunity presented itself.
Here, Colonel Doolittle (plane number 40-2344) chases the Southern Pacific Coast Daylight just before departing on his historic raid in April of 1942. The train will arrive in Alameda just a bit early as did the Colonel and the other mission pilots over Tokyo Bay.
Open edition canvas released 2012.
giclee canvas, open edition unsigned
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Dimensions: 20" x 10"
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