Thunder Across the Plains - Indian attack by western artist Frank McCarthy

Thunder Across the Plains by western artist Frank McCarthy available from Prickly Pear Galleries.

Frank McCarthy remains the unrivaled "Dean of Western Action Painters.” No other artist has come close to capturing the dynamic power and drama of the Old West. Thunder Across the Plains contains all the hallmarks of a McCarthy classic: a frozen instant of charging warriors, rampaging horses and threatening skies. The mystical bond between the Plains Indian and his steed is conveyed as if it is the ultimate display of skill and courage.

On the endless prairie, horses were the most valued possessions. In battle, or on the hunt, a strong and fast horse was often the difference between life and death. These braves stampede a plundered herd across the grasslands toward their distant village where an evening of celebration will be filled with dance and stories of cunning and daring.

Released September 2011.

giclee canvas, 75 numbered
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Dimensions: 18" x 30"
Gallery wrap available (additional $30) call 800-672-9089.
Issue Price: $595.00
gallery wrapped canvas (above)
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Dimensions: 18" x 30"
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