Beyond the Horizon by figure artist Steve Hanks

Beyond the Horizon by Steve Hanks.
Collectors love Steve Hanks’ work for his heartwarming portraits of children and families, his sensitive depictions of women and his prodigious skill with watercolors. Hanks has amassed an impressive collection of accolades and recognitions and 2007 was no different—the Weems International Art Fest chose Steve as the featured artist for their 25th annual show. A Hanks painting will be the cover of the March/April 2008 issue of Art of the West which will carry a feature on the artist and American Artist Watercolor magazine declared him a “Modern Master” and a watercolorist who “inspires and informs” in their Winter 2008 issue.Their cover image was this Hanks’ exquisite new painting Beyond the Horizon.
“The Pacific Ocean is one of my great loves,” says Hanks. “It’s the ultimate edge. It’s a place for contemplation and reflection, a place to remind us of the scale of our one life against the great forces of nature. ”The ocean, with its vast horizons and pounding surf, has been a source of endless inspiration to Hanks. As with many Hanks paintings, the scene is layered with mystery. Who is this woman? Is she pressed against the edge of the earth or is she contemplating her wide-open future? Beyond the Horizon, with its spectacular sea and landscape, make a provocative and sophisticated statement.
Giclee on paper released 2008.
giclee on paper, 150 s/n
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Dimensions: 20.5" x 32"
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