The Moonwatchers by William Phillips

"This is a celebration of commitment and enduring romance," says William S. Phillips. It is a love story, one that speaks of love in its various stages. You cannot help but wonder how many times our moonwatchers have held hands and shared dreams sorrows as they have watched each season pass and each new moon wax and wane.
"Our couple sits quietly with their dogs, gazing out across chapters of their lives. There is the warm and comfortable home that has heard the laughter of children; there is the church where they were married so many years ago. And there in the distance, is 'their' moon. I hope this print can be shared and appreciated by lovers-the moonwatchers-of any age." This beloved work of art from acclaimed painter William S. Phillips returns as a Greenwich Workshop Anniversary Edition. Like the full moon itself, Moonwatchers will only appear for a limited time, so call your Greenwich Workshop Authorized Dealer today.
One of the Phillips Bay collection of limited edition prints and canvases.
Print released 1996, Giclee canvas released 2008.
giclee canvas, 175 s/n
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Dimensions: 19" x 32"
Issue Price: $795.00
offset litho, 1750 s/n
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Dimensions: 22.5" x 33"


Issue Price: $185.00

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