The Art of A Peel by Ken Auster

Surfer turned artist, Ken Auster has evolved his style from the hard edge graphics of “surf-art” on t-shirts to the loosely rendered depictions of his surroundings. Still a surfer, Ken enjoys the splendor of painting in the “plein air” (on location) style, and discovering the richness and broad colors of the city life he long avoided. “I simply want to achieve the ultimate communication on the canvas—to say more with less,” Ken says. Whether painting a street scene, a freeway, an urban restaurant or coastal panorama, his deft use of color and economy of brush strokes create simple, yet beautifully structured compositions. Each painting captures a moment in time charged with a hint of narrative drama. Ken’s passion for painting allows us to share in his stories on canvas—simply and effectively, documenting the ordinary in an extraordinary manner.  Canvas released 2003.
giclee canvas, 100 s/n
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Dimensions: 15" x 24"


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