Six Pack by Braldt Bralds

SIX PACK by Braldt Bralds
Print and canvas released 2002
Ordering through the mail can have its drawbacks. You never know in what shape your merchandise is going to arrive. Adding "Fragile" and "Handle With Care" to the package seems to almost guarantee trouble. If your package arrives in somewhat dubious condition, best check 'merchandise received' against the purchase order. Six items were ordered, yet only five have arrived. (Best do a recount.) Anyway, it looks like this precious cargo arrived at its destination just in time, before things really got out of control.
Asked about his inspiration for Six Pack, Braldt Bralds comments, "I've always had a chuckle about labeling packages "Fragile". It seems to insult the postal gods, and invites a little revenge. But I like happy endings, and the misadventure in this picture's story turns out okay." Arriving in perfectly crafted condition are a Scottish Fold Calico, a Golden Persian, an American Burmese, a Turkish Van, and a Chartreux. Can you guess the breed of the hidden cat?
giclee canvas, 100 s/n
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Dimensions: 21" x 21"


Issue Price: $595.00
offset litho, 950 s/n
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Dimensions: " x "


Issue Price: $160.00

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