Coastal Cactus by Ken Auster

Coastal Cactus by Ken Auster.
Ken Auster's Contemporary California Impressionism took on new dimensions when he created these two eight-foot landscapes of the Southern California coast. In the late 1800s when the Impressionists ventured out of their studios and into nature to capture the effects of sunlight and atmosphere, it was quite revolutionary.Today it’s a familiar concept.“Artists come to the Laguna Beach area from all over the world because of the light, the way the sea affects the atmosphere, and the natural beauty of the beach and surrounding hills,” says artist Ken Auster, who's own fresh style works classic plein air magic in the studio. “I work only in oils and my paintings are very ‘juicy,’ very loose and very of-themoment.” Auster has an exceptional eye for chromatic subtleties and his understanding of color and light are on display in this pair of dramatically out-sized Southern California landscapes, the first two of this new series. A lifetime can be spent filling in the details as the eye travels, catches and circles around through each of these landscapes.The four foot wide MasterWork™ canvases (half the size of the original paintings) will transform any room they grace.You can almost smell the land, heat and sea breeze in these West Coast landscapes.
Canvas released 2005.
giclee MasterWork canvas, 50 s/n
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Dimensions: 40" x 48"


Issue Price: $1,750.00

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