Fireball - Screech Owl by wildlife artist Carl Brenders

Fireball - Screech Owl by Carl Brenders, available from Prickly Pear Galleries.
Megascops asio.
"This painting was done as a tribute to a little screech owl and his caretaker, Michelle, whom I know from a bird rehabilitation centre in Ohio. The owl has beautiful reddish-brown feathers and very expressive eyes: therefore, they named him Fireball. Since Fireball could no longer be released into the wild owing to an injury, he serves in an educational capacity, teaching children and adults about the importance of night raptors.
"Screech owls vary in colour phases from reddish-brown to very grey. The design of their feather coat provides perfect camouflage when they are at rest during the day. Nevertheless, when disturbed in its daydreams or feeling threatened, it has the habit of freezing in an upright position, with the ear tufts (which are not the ears) standing straight up, just like its bigger cousin, the long-eared owl. This little beauty is found all over the US and parts of western Canada, in woods, farmland and shade trees." - Carl Brenders from his new book "Pride of Place" (2007).
Print released 1999.
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