The Journey is the Goal - children and wagon by Steve Hanks

The Journey is the Goal by Steve Hanks,

“Each time I do an interview I am asked what my goals are. My answer is always the same; ‘The journey is the goal.’ I liked the idea of a painting with that title. One summer I took my kids to Aspen to have them model for it,” relates Steve Hanks.

“I found a perfect house on a shaded street and posed them there, walking past it with the wagon. The concept is that people too often focus on getting that great house or career position and spend their lives working for it. In the process, they miss out on the special times they could have spent together as a family before their children have grown up. If there is one thing an artist is taught early on, it’s good to keep the important things in the foreground.”

"The Journey Is the Goal" is an Anniversary Edition Fine Art Giclèe Canvas of one of Steve Hanks’ all-time favorite images. Often, the most powerful and enjoyable works of art are the ones that appeal to our most basic and universal emotions. 

Released October 2013.

giclee canvas, 55 s/n
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Dimensions: 11" x 28"
Issue Price: $395.00

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