Heaven's Glory by Larry Dyke

Texas artist Larry Dyke is well-known for his paintings of the beauties that abound in the Texas landscape and for his art that celebrates his Christianity. His God-given talent has always been used to celebrate the Lord and his creations. In "Heaven's Glory", he combines the beauty of the bluebonnet season in the Hill Country with a glorious sunset - a sunset that exemplifies the power and glory of God. Released 2006.
Giclee on Canvas, S/N 95
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Dimensions: 28" x 35"
Issue Price: $995.00
Limited Edition Canvas, S/N 250
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Dimensions: 22" x 27"
Issue Price: $395.00
Offset Litho Print, S/N 350
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Dimensions: 22" x 27"
Issue Price: $175.00

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