Morning on the Yellowdog River by Nita Engle

"The Yellowdog River is a wilderness trout stream that travels through a land of trackless woods, swamps and bogs, muskeg and high plains, gorges and waterfalls.  "A river bottom of gravel beds, sand bars and large, slippery rocks makes fishing here an athletic experience. After spending the morning wading upstream with a fly rod against a fast current in the hot sun, your eyes running with mosquito repellent, ankles rolling and knees twisting in a constant balancing act, reaching noon and finding a log to sit on is pure happiness.  "A quick head-dipping, in the stream to cool off - then a delicious squashed sandwich and a refreshing drink of water from an ice cold feeder stream makes the day complete. Of course, it always helps to have a few native brook trout in the creel to take home." - Nita Engle.  Print released 1983
offset litho, 950 s/n
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