The Coup by western artist Frank McCarthy

The Coup by western artist Frank McCarthy available from Prickly Pear Galleries.

Coup, the act of touching and not killing an opponent in battle, was regarded as the highest act of bravery and skill in the face of the enemy. It brought prestige and honor to the Plains warrior that accomplished it. And no artist comes close to counting coup on Frank McCarthy when it comes to capturing the dynamic power and drama of the Old West.

This Anniversary Edition release of "The Coup" gives collectors the opportunity to own one the “Dean of Western Action Painters” most popular works. The victorious Indian in war bonnet is about to touch a fallen enemy with his coup stick. Feathers in the war bonnet, stripes across the horse’s nose or the feathers in its tail may represent past coups. The lightning streak from shoulder to neck is to give the horse speed and energy in battle. The hoof marks painted across the hips denote horse raids.

Print released 1981.
Canvas released February 2013.
giclee canvas, 75 numbered
In stock
Dimensions: 17" x 23"
Issue Price: $445.00
offset litho, 1000 s/n
Current Availability: Sold Out at Publisher / Secondary Market Pricing Applies / Please Email for Cost.
Dimensions: 19.75" x 24.5"
Issue Price: $125.00

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