Sittin' Pretty by Nelson Boren

Sittin' Pretty by Nelson Boren
When we offered to help Nelson title this piece, an interesting trend revealed itself. Suggestions from guys at the Workshop ran to "Good Odds" and "All the Luck," while the gals tended to come up with phrases like "Slim Pickin’s." But the artist is used to hearing a host of responses from viewers. His gestalt-inspired technique, giving only an enticing piece of a larger, intriguing picture, invites viewers to indulge their imagination and complete each story for themselves. "Maybe he’s a real popular cowboy, or maybe he’s babysitting his sisters," Nelson says. "It’s up to you!" The original Sittin’ Pretty is mighty big and bold and that’s exactly how we’ve reproduced it.
Print released 1999.
offset litho, 450 s/n
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Dimensions: 16" x 45"


Issue Price: $345.00

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