Sentinels - Giraffes by wildlife artist Simon Combes

Sentinels by Simon Combes
"The giraffe is one of the world's most extraordinary creatures. Because of their height and exceptional eyesight, they serve as lookouts for the rest of the herd and can eat leaves that are beyond the reach of almost any other animal. They are a peace-loving breed, although they are well able to defend themselves. Any big cat who tries to attack them will think twice before attempting it again." Untouched by the callous hand of man, the graceful silhouette of a classic acacia tree and the serene elegance of the world's tallest mammal provide the perfect antidote for this increasingly crowded, stressed and frenetic world.
Print released 1998.
offset litho, 550 s/n
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Dimensions: 19.625" x 12.5"


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