Sailing Home by Paul Landry

Sailing Home by Paul Landry
giclee canvas released 2006
The seascapes of artist Paul Landry have long been favorites among his collectors. In the tradition of his previous maritime fine art limited editions Eventide and A Schooner’s Return, this latest release, Sailing Home, honors all the seamen who sailed these magnificent schooners.“For generations, schooners and other craft have fished the banks off of New England, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia,” Landry remembers.“They could be out for weeks at a time, fishing until their vessels could hold no more, before racing back home from the banks. My Uncle Joe and his sons sailed these crafts in the 1930s and ’40s, and shared many sea stories with me. As much as they found fun and excitement on the water, one of their fondest memories was returning home afterward.”
giclee canvas, 50 s/n
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Dimensions: 22" x 28"


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