From the Rim - Sioux warrior scout by western artist Frank McCarthy

From the Rim by Frank McCarthy available from Prickly Pear Galleries.
Frank McCarthy's From the Rim is set against a giant shelf of rimrock and under threatening skies. A Sioux warrior rides out beyond his waiting and impatient war party. Shading his eyes and scanning the horizon, he is looking perhaps for a mirror flash or a scout's signal with blanket or robe to indicate in which direction the warriors should ride. It was the habit of the Sioux, when no enemy came to them within a respectable interval, to ride forth and seek out a worthy adversary. The Sioux often chose the Pawnee on whom to bestow these periodic blessings, giving their young men a chance to satisfy their need to display their valor in battle.
Print released 1987.
Anniversary Edition canvas released March 2012.
giclee canvas, 75 numbered
In stock
Dimensions: 20" x 33"
Issue Price: $595.00
offset litho, 1000 s/n
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Dimensions: 21.875" x 33"


Issue Price: $225.00

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