A Christensen Character Cleverly Camoflaged In A by James Christensen

A Christensen Character Cleverly Disguised in a Doolittle Landscape by fantasy artist James Christensen.  Have you truly discovered all there is to see in one of Bev Doolittle’s camouflage pieces? It’s time to take a closer look again! Recently, Jim reminded us that “believing is seeing” and let on to Bev that there may be something more than initially meets the eye in her popular Woodland Encounter. How did Bev react to Jim’s tribute? With surprise and delight. “Jim’s teased me for years and I should have suspected that someday one of his puffy little guys would take up residence in one of my camouflage paintings!”  Print released 2000.
Limited Edition Print (paper), S/N 3500
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Dimensions: 12" x 12"
Issue Price: $135.00

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