Ghost of the Himilayas - snow leopard by John Banovich

Ghost of the Himilayas by John Banovich.

"Snow leopards are one of the world’s most elusive cats. Rarely seen, it requires remote camera traps to even capture a minute glimpse of them in their home range. I searched for this grey ghost in the remote Gilgit and Karakoram Mountains in Pakistan, and even though I was never able to see the mysterious cat, I know without doubt that a snow leopard saw me. I left Pakistan without sighting a leopard, but I found what I was looking for – the story. I followed their tracks, talked to the people, studied the landscape, found a kill sight, set up camera traps, and studied scat. I learned more walking in the snow leopard’s footsteps than I ever could have from a fleeting glance and went home with an intimate understanding of this ambiguous creature." - John Banovich.

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