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Malamute by Tucker Smith.

"'Malamute' is a picture of one of our dogs resting contentedly in the snow by an outbuilding on our ranch in Montana. The thick, long coat of this Alaskan breed provides excellent insulation against the cold.

"I had confiscated the traps from a fellow who was illegally trapping on our land. In the early days, dog teams were used to run trap lines so when I saw Tobuk curled up under the traps, I thought it was a fitting scene for a painting."

Dimensions:- 17-1/2" x 14"
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~ Malamute by Tucker Smith
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Anniversary Canvas Edition, 50 S/N
Dimensions:- 19x15 inches
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Offset Litho, 1000 s/n
Dimensions:- 17-1/2" x 14"
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